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The perception and the understanding of the nature and their forms is the basic principle of my art work for myself and as a demand to the beholder. Numerous studies of the nature - human act, animals, their anatomy, bones, floral forms, stones, mussels and driftwood - are guides for my sculptures.
These nature-forms in combination with interpretations from religion - history - literature - music - myths - legends - the person in his environment determine my artistic statement.

I transfer my gained knowledge into art works on the subject HUMAN and make it clear. I want to grasp and retain processes of the life at a certain moment, but nevertheless allow to feel their extensive vitality.

In my work I distance more and more from the naturalistic view. I think the nature will always be unrivalled. It is perfect in function, proportion and beauty. I do not want to copy the nature but I want to understand it. The effect is a constant process of development, a compression more and more on the essentials statement. This results in organic forms. They invite us to touch them. The material wood and the diverse, vital design of the surface let us always discover something new. The original form of the material, the tree trunk, ought to be retained. The natural growth, the appearance sets the pattern for the forms of my sculptures. The tree has the possibility to life on in the nature-space as a sculpture.

Clear lines and edges are creating an interplay to surfaces and curvatures - like the rhythm of music. An interaction of light and shade originates. Volume is in contrast with filigree forms and breakthroughs. The smooth surface is in contrast with supporting, accenting structures. Colour is used to support the statement and the expression.

The sculptures are powerful, rich in tension, natural and allow to understand the spatiality. This art is noticeable and can be experienced by all of us. Everybody can find himself in my figures. Everybody has the possibility of his own interpretation in which he tries to analyse the single expressions, the single components of which my work consists to understand the nature and also the artistic message. Farsightedness, extensive, spiritual horizon, openness, admission readiness, calmness, internal balance, generosity and forbearance are necessary for a better understanding. I hope to activate this in the beholder.